We specialize in providing repair service,
remanufacturing obsolete parts and pro-audio design.

Peter Miller founded CAE Sound to help working musicians keep their gear alive. That mission is still in force today. CAE Sound is devoted to the service, repair, and restoration of new, used, and vintage musical instruments and gear. They specialize in the vacuum tube and solid-state electronics found in amplifiers, keyboards, effects, and custom accessories. For equipment used either on stage or in the recording studio, CAE Sound has provided parts and service for professional musicians around the world.

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Please arrange to drop your equipment off during our normal business hours.
Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm, closed between 1-2 for lunch break.

Attention, Clients: PG&E Construction in Our Area!

September 2018 — PG&E is doing some construction in front of our store. There is generally no problem coming from the North (San Francisco), but if you are coming from the South, you may have to detour. We suggest that if you don't have a GPS system, bring a map or print the Google map on our contact page to help navigate the construction mess. Allow some extra time as well.


Bench Rate...$125.00 per hour

Diagnostic check out*...$60.00

*Does not include estimate to fix


Shipping an Item to CAE Sound

Units that a Client or Dealer Ships in for Repair are all subject to Handling Fees.

Our minimum Handling Charge is $35.00

These Handling Fees apply to both in and out of Warranty Repairs.

It is recommended that Original Factory Packaging is the best packaging for shipping any unit to us for repair. If you use Original Factory Packaging in good condition, then our Handling Charge can be waived. If Non-Factory Original Packaging is used, then our Minimum Handling Fee will be charged. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Minimum Handling Charge can be greater depending on the Quality of the Packaging used to ship the item to us and the Weight of the Item. This Charge is to cover the time it takes to deal with the un-packing and Packing of any unit shipped in for repair, and managing the Packaging materials.
Additional charges may apply to Large or Heavy items weighing over 40Lbs

Sending an Item from CAE Sound

Our Minimum Packaging Charge is $25.00.

Some small Items weighing Less than 3 Pounds, like Pedals and accessories, may be Exempt from the Minimum Fees

Additional Fees for Large and or Heavy Items:

Depending on the weight or size, additional charges may apply, full size organs, pianos, Leslie, ect.
Fees will be charged for the time it takes to properly manage at a rate of $35.00 Per Hour billed in ΒΌ Hour increments.

We will charge for Packaging Materials to Re-Pack any Unit not sent in Original Factory Packaging.

We Service

Boss Cerwin-Vega Community Crest Crown DBX Eden ENGL Amps Fender Gallien-Krueger Gibson Amplifiers Groove Tubes Hammond Suzuki JBL Kawai KRK Leslie Line 6 Marshall Mesa Boogie Peavey QSC Randall RANE Roland Soundcraft Teac/Tascam Yamaha Allen & Heath Arp Accoustic Chroma DYNA Fender Farfisa Gallien Kruger Gibson Hammond Hohner Kurzweil Leslie Marshall McIntosh Moog Mu-Tron Oberheim Orange Amps PolyTone Rhodes Sequential Circuits VOX Wurlitzer


...And just about anything else!

Organ, E-Paino




CAE Products

cb1 pre amp

CB2 Pre Amp

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Moog parts


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