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Service Costs

  1. Our goal is to assess fees in a fair and transparent manner.
  2. Labor is billed in quarter-hour increments, with a one-hour minimum charge.
  3. The labor rate does not include the cost of parts, materials, shipping and other expenses.
  4. Units that a client or dealer ships in for repair are all subject to handling fees. Handling fees apply to both in and out of warranty repairs.
  5. Some small items weighing less than 3 pounds, like pedals and accessories, may be exempt from the minimum fees
  6. Additional fees apply for large or heavy items such as organs, pianos, Leslies, etc.
  7. Damage due to spills: a two-hour deposit is required. This allows us to clean the unit, stop corrosion, and give a repair estimate if necessary. NO WARRANTY on spill-related repairs!
  8. Speaker Reconing and/or re-surround fees are payable in advance.
  9. Service Calls: $250.00 plus 1 hour @ $175.00 ($400.00 minimum), plus $175.00 for each additional hour after the first hour. These rates apply to service calls within a 40-mile radius of our shop. Customer is responsible for assuring parking in close proximity of repair. Parking fees and/or bridge tolls will be billed to the customer, as well.
  10. Data Storage & Retrieval. (Programmed user data, voices, set-up, etc.
  11. CAE is not responsible for memory or other stored data in units presented for repair.
  12. Data storage is not eligible for warranty coverage.
  13. Help, advice, consulting, by email or telephone, is available for $65.00 per 30 minutes, prepaid.
  14. Storage charges apply to items not picked up within 30 days of completion.

Fee Schedule

Labor rate (per hour) $175
Diagnostic check (not an estimate) $85
Rush order surcharge $95
Handling charge (minimum) $35
Packing charge (minimum) $25
Written estimates $175
Speaker reconing (per unit) $110
Speaker re-surround (per unit) $90
User data storage (for MIDI units) $65
Service call surcharge $250
Cassette back-up $95
Tech support via phone (per 15 minutes) $35 / $30
Storage (per day after the first 30 days) $3