CAE Sound repairs the full range of pro audio instruments and equipment.

Vintage Instrument Repair. We're experts at the repair of vintage instruments, including many brands that have gone out of business are no longer supported.

Restoration. Let CAE Sound refurbish and restore your beloved vintage instrument to be as good as–or better than–new. We have decades of experience with a wide range of gear including many products that are no longer supported or were built by manufacturers that have since gone out of business.

Speaker Reconing and Repair. Your vintage speakers were built to higher standards than many products today. Don't send your worn-out speakers to the landfill. CAE Sound's speaker reconing and repair service will make them sound brand new.

Brands We Service

Acoustic, Allen & Heath, Arp, Boogie, Boss, Cerwin-Vega, Chroma, Community, Crest, Crown, DBX, DYNA, Eden, ENGL, Farfisa, Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Gibson, Groove Tubes, Hammond, Hohner, JBL, KRK, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Leslie, Line 6, Marshall, McIntosh, Mesa, Moog, Mu-Tron, Oberheim, Orange, Peavey, PolyTone, QSC, RANE, Randall, Rhodes, Roland, Sequential Circuits, Soundcraft, Suzuki, Teac/Tascam, VOX, Wurlitzer, Yamaha ...and just about anything else.

Repairs Under Warranty

CAE Sound technicians are fully certified to provide factory authorized warranty service for electronic musical instruments and equipment from many manufacturers. We service electronic musical instruments and equipment ranging from vacuum tube to solid state and computer-based technologies.

Custom Fabrication

A Special Project for Joe Walsh

Joe used the Leslie Sound Effect on his guitar in the opening of the hit song Hotel California. To get the sound he wanted, Joe came to CAE Sound for custom hardware modifications.

Joe Walsh

Influenced by the LA music scene, Joe wanted to have a Leslie fitted with a JBL 2485 16 ohm HF Driver. In June, 1994, we built a Leslie Horn adaptor out of aluminum to connect the JBL Horn Driver with a 2 inch throat to the 3/4-inch diameter Leslie Treble Horn spindle. We consulted with the engineers at JBL and concluded that for the best transfer of power and lowest distortion we would have to make the throat as long as we could. It turned out to be about 13 inches long.

This was a huge mass to support inside the Leslie Speaker box. We fabricated special support brackets to secure the Driver during shipment from gig to gig. We delivered two Leslies in custom made road cases to the Shoreline Ampitheater.

The entire project was completed in one month.