CAE Sound  Vintage Parts and Service for Hammond, Leslie, Arp, Moog, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner Farfisa, Crumar
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CAE Sound is dedicated to keeping your newer and vintage gear alive!
We specialize in providing repair service, replacement parts, and New Custom Products for amplifiers, keyboards, effects gear, and custom accessories — for both vacuum-tube and solid-state equipment.
CAE Designed Products include CB1, CB2, and Jangletone preamps and newly manufactured replacement parts for vintage instruments
CAE crafts custom replacement parts for vintage instruments
Warren Haynes Video
Warren Haynes talks about his Gibson Signature guitar and how the CAE CB2 Preamp keeps tonal purity, even at low volumes.
CAE custom guitar preamps have been installed in speciality guitars from makers like Gibson and Scott Walker        
  CAE designs and fabricates exclusive original products to enhance and improve the performance of your equipment. CAE exclusives include a hot new line of guitar preamps that restore the tone gobbled up by your effects and cables, as well as custom manufactured replacement parts for your vintage gear. For example, our Leslie Slow Motors not only replace, but meet or exceed the OEM specifications.


CAE Sound repairs electronic musical instruments
  Our repair department provides Factory-Authorized Warranty Service for electronic musical instruments and equipment from vacuum tube to solid state and computer-based technologies.
New and Remanufactured Parts for Vintage instruments
  We stock a large inventory of replacement parts specifically targeted at instruments and equipment from manufacturers that are either no longer in business or that no longer support older products, including Hammond, Leslie, Arp, Moog, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner Farfisa, Crumar, and more.
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CAE Sound, Musical Instruments - Repair, San Mateo, CA   CAE has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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